How to Get International Paid Social Media Jobs?

How to Get International Paid Social Media Jobs?

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Get International Paid Social Media Jobs

The easiest way:

Paid Social Media Jobs Overview

International Paid Social Media Jobs is an information product and job program. It gives you the training and the chance to make money by managing the social media accounts of other people and companies.

To get you started on the fast-track, the program gives you two main modules. These are the Social Media Manager Training and the Social Media Jobs Database. This area is designed to help those who are new to managing social media. But it also offers useful tips to others who are more acquainted with it.

The job database claims to bring the latest social media jobs to one place. The jobs are also arranged by skill level. The program promises jobs for all skill levels.

How Paid Social Media Jobs Works?

International Paid Social Media Jobs is a type of an online marketplace where you can find jobs to work as a freelancer which in other words, means part-time. First, you sign up for a package by filling in your email address in the subscription box. There are three to choose from, priced at $37, $47 and $77 respectively. After you have paid for your package, you will receive login credentials. When you log in to your member account, you gain access to software tools and training videos. The program teaches you how to create social media accounts, design them to be engaging, how to post updates and respond to comments.

The three main social media platforms that the program focuses on are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  You can browse through the jobs, find one that suits your level of skill, and apply for it.

Once Paid Social Media Jobs download of the course is done, you will be guided to:

  • # 1 – Prepare and design a remarkably attractive resume to catch the attention of prospective employers or companies. A Curriculum Vitae that will definitely convince them that you are the one to manage their social media accounts.
  • # 2 – Sell your proficiency. Clearly show your strong skills and potentialities. Persuade prospective employers or companies of necessity of hiring your services.
  • # 3 – Get the confidence of prospective employers or companies to trust their social media account to you.
  • # 4 – Know the legal aspects of the written agreements between you and your client.
  • # 5 – Understand how to handle the expectation of your client and meet his demands.
  • # 6 – Carry out your professional job
  • # 7 – Invoice the services you provided
  • # 8 – Follow up you clients late payments

Get Paid Social Media Jobs

Some of the works that companies would want you to do includes:

  • Replying comments on their social media page
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Getting likes for the Facebook page
  • Commenting on YouTube videos
  • Manage their social media accounts

Pros and Cons


  • Fee is one-time.
  • There are tutorials provided.
  • International.


  • Jobs are not permanent.

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The program is ideal for those who can stay motivated and are willing to fight long and hard for results. If you are looking for a quick money-making scheme, this is not the program for you.

On the other hand, if you get a thrill out of engaging with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter stats, the program may be useful for making extra income. It is not expensive, and can be a good source of added income for freelancers.

Whether or not Paid Social Media Jobs is the right online money-making program for you, one thing that is clear is that it is legitimate. You can try the program for three days with a small $1 fee, and always leave if you are not satisfied.


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