How do you determine where your site ranks in Google, Yahoo & Bing?

Determine where your site ranks in Google

Determine where your site ranks in Google

You create a new page or post on your website, publish it….now what?  How do you determine where your website is ranked in Google, Yahoo, & Bing?

This is easier than you think.

Today I am going to show you how you can get “one click” access to see where your website is ranked in Google under ANY keyword.  Having this knowledge is going to be pure gold to your business!

This can be done with Jaaxy SiteRank, a feature exclusive to members of  This feature allows you to quickly determine where your website is ranked under exact search terms.

Here is how it works…

Determine where your site ranks in Google

You simply enter a keyword and the URL of your website.  This could be anything.

Then Jaaxy SiteRank will go off and find the following details for you:

(1) What Page in Google You Are On (example. Page 5)
(2) Your Exact Position (example. Position 42 overall)

And it will even highlight your search result for you and show you YOUR listing and the surrounding listings in Google.

For example, I just did a search for the following terms on the domain.

Here is what I quickly came up with.

“are backlinks good for ranking”, ranked #4 page #1 in Google
“wealthy affiliate”, ranked #1 (page 1) in Google, Bing, Yahoo

This literally took me 30  seconds to research and come up with this ranking information.  I could check absolutely any keyword I want, but get this.  I can also set up tracking and monitor keywords over time to see how my overall website is performing and if I am starting to get better or worse rankings.

You would use this tool with your very own website and it will give you insight into where you are ranked (or if you are ranked).

Knowing WHERE you rank and HOW to rank is KEY to success!

If you understand website rankings, you will be MUCH more successful online.  If you know where you get ranked, you can gauge the success of particular strategies and techniques you implement.

You will be able to determine how your website rankings get impacted by…

(1) Different types of writing styles
(2) Different keyword densities
(3) Use of images or without images
(4) Product Reviews
(5) Low Competition vs. Higher Competition keywords
(6) Local marketing keywords
(7) Video rankings vs. text based rankings
(8) Short content vs. longer content
(9) Broader keywords vs. long tail keywords

This will give you a clear picture how to quickly rank and how to quickly scale your campaigns for success.

And what  about your competitions rankings? 

You can easily see where your competition is ranking by using SiteRank.  You can spy on and see where any website is ranked, not just yours! This can be useful information for reverse engineering high ranking websites and leveraging their strategies in your own campaigns.

You can get access to SiteRank within either a Pro or Enterprise Jaaxy account.  If you have not already created your free account, DO SO NOW!! If you want to advance your business and the tools you have to improve your chances of success, Jaaxy will absolutely become one of these platforms that you can “lean on”.

Happy SiteRanking! Determine where your site ranks in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

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